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Founded in 1898 as the Art Commission and renamed the Public Design Commission in 2008, the Commission was initially established to enhance the public realm through its review of municipal purchases of public art. Later its duties were expanded to include the review of all public buildings, bridges, street lights, street improvements, as well as all public art – sculptures and murals – on City-owned property. In addition to permanent works, the Design Commission also provides a courtesy review of temporary installations in the public realm, such as The Gates exhibition in 2009 in Central Park. And finally, the Commission encourages design excellence by recognizing outstanding agencies and architects in its Annual Design Award program. The Public Design Commission review process and award program are vital in advancing design excellence in our city.

There are 11 members of the Design Commission who serve pro bono. They include three representing cultural institutions (The Metropolitan Museum, the Brooklyn Museum and the New York Public Library) and Mayoral appointees drawn from professional disciplines – painting, sculpture, architecture, and landscape architecture, as well as related fields such as art history, real estate, law and graphic design.

At the conclusion of their term on the Design Commission, the members become Associates of the Art Commission. The Associates work to support the Design Commission by broadening public awareness of its work and supporting the Design Commission’s Intern Program.

At its Annual Dinner, the Associates of the Art Commission honors, with the Bedrock of New York City Award, outstanding individuals who have had an important positive impact on the culture of our city. Past honorees have included Jean Claude and Christo, Agnes Gund, Philippe de Montebello and Lowery Stokes Sims.

Executive Committee Members
President, Michele H. Bogart
Vice President, LeAnn Shelton
Treasurer, Nicholas Quennell
Secretary, John Willenbecher
Constance Christensen
Richard Hass
Gordon Hyatt
Barbara Fleischman
Joyce Menschel
Abby Milstein
Jean Parker Phifer
Ellen LeCompte, Executive Director

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